MySpace Freak launch

Episode 1, Part 2

Freak has launched!

Developed by FMX, FremantleMedia’s central new media division, Freak is a 13-week fully interactive high definition experience. From the initial designs for the logo back in October 2008, we built out the “FREAK” world, and even added some ideas into the plot and storylines.

With huge credit to the Fremantle team, we were allowed close access to the producers, writers and series creative director to help fully immerse ourselves into the worlds and the lives of the characters. This meant that we produced not just graphics for the individual profile pages, but desktop patterns for their bedroom based pcs and even bespoke stencil graffiti designs that is the ‘signature’ for one of the central characters.

Having set the style guide for the web graphics, the MySpace design team made a fantastic job of building the home page and if anything improved on our original concepts – a big thanks to the MySpace guys for their hard work – and patience!

In between the two episodes per week, the profiles of the protagonists allow real-time following of the story, with characters posting snippets of their life (video, blogs, pictures, and instant messenger feeds)thus offering their own narrative and engaging with viewers on fashion, music and even plot.

Anthony Lukom, Managing Director of MySpace UK, said:

“This is an incredibly exciting new format, which puts our users in the driving seat more than ever before. The way they can get involved with every element of the series, both in creation and with the storyline, is incredibly powerful and the fact that both Red Bull and Procter & Gamble were so keen to be involved is testament to the strength of the proposition. FremantleMedia has a great reputation for producing quality, innovative content and we’re thrilled to be working with them on Freak.”

Claire Tavernier, Senior Executive Vice President, FMX at FremantleMedia, said:

“While this is FMX’s first project with MySpace UK, FremantleMedia’s production and enterprises divisions have already produced a number of highly successful original new media projects with MySpace in the United States, Germany and Australia. We are delighted to be partnering with them again for the UK launch and future global roll out of this uniquely innovative scripted series.”

This is clearly the future of branded entertainment, kudos to both Redbull and Tampax (this series sponsors) and we can’t wait to see more brands and advertisers take on board this innovative approach to fully engaging with consumers specifically the ‘so -called’ 30 second attention span generation…

A great project to work on, and a refreshing approach to social media and its relationship with advertising and entertainment.

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