UN Refugee Agency | International Emergency Fundraising on Facebook

UNHCR Emergency Fundraising landing pages


We were called upon to design and build at short notice compelling and engaging fundraising specific websites and landing pages for a number of International emergencies.


Due to the urgency and nature of these mini campaigns, we believed for these campaigns to be successful, it was imperative to build an application that internal UNHCR staff could access and amend as reports came in from the field. We built on a framework with an easy to use content management system from the outset, so that UNHCR had complete control over critical content be it from Geneva or the London office.


Not only was this useful for internal capacity building, but lead to financial savings where the models we built were re-purposed for other campaigns.

Needless to say, understanding the brand, the messaging required and the clear fundraising call to action for these critical campaigns have been incredibly important to the success of international social media communications.