What a Title!

From the makers of “The Genius of Photography”… You’d have thought with a programme title like that you’d send out a better email. This is the genuine content of the promotional email. Posted via email from Spencer’s posterous

Like Button

I’m not sure whether this is fascinating and great – or scary and invasive. What is this? Like Button is a collection of links shared by your Facebook friends from most popular sites. For you privacy concerned people: don’t worry, like button has no access to your personal information. Think of each box as a […]

FourSquare Banksy Badge

Apparently if you shout out “Banksy”and you’re at any of the movie theaters where the film is playing (ie San Fran, New York, LA, Palo Alto, Berkeley, it unlocks the Banksy Fan badge… Given I’m in London, I have no idea whether this actually works – but I found this (see pic) on the Foursquare […]